I was born in the early 1970’s in Victoria, Australia; with a normal, suburban, family upbringing but I always leaned towards the fire. If it was just a little bit off center, then that’s where you would find me.

Not being an applied student at school, I preferred to push boundaries within the ranks. It was a great surprise when I got into university as a mature age student. I was enamored by the life of academia, and decided to do it at my own pace so as to soak up  the atmosphere as much as I could. After 6 years. I completed a B.A. (Soc. Sci.) in Sociology at La Trobe University. During this time, I learned a lot about watching people and writing.

With a curious, gypsy-like nature, I took off around Australia. It was during this time that I did some life modeling for artists and met a fetish photographer. He changed my life and introduced me to people in the fetish-wear and BDSM subcultures, and so the love affair began!

I became enthralled with the sub-culture, but remained on the fringe to allow myself to remain unaffected. Through my interactions I found I had a ‘catalyst’ of my own, hence the title of my first book.

I have had some stories published in Paddles Magazine, under the name Mz K


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