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You might see me out and about on the town, I often wander in to town for events like Pleasure Salon Melbourne http://pleasureforumaustralia.wordpress.com

I also like to step out every now and again to the Fetish clubs that can be found in and around Melbourne, Australia.

There are many places I go, so touch base here and I’ll let you know what’s been happening in my Kinky world!

Here is a piece i wrote last year after weekend of amazing events!

Weekend of Action:  Monday, 30 May 2011

I am not often pushed to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as the case may be, but the events that have transpired in my world have certainly pushed me to say SOMETHING!

The SlutWalk … well, the name itself sent a shiver down the spine of every media agency – how where they going to put reports of this on the 6 o’clock news? The Children might hear ‘that’ word.

The fact that it WAS labelled a slut walk and was aimed at a reclamation of the word – the simplest thing would have been to just let it slide and call it a ‘backlash’ walk –when a comment from a Canadian ‘officer’ to a bunch of Law students prompted the start of a worldwide movement. It is only one media agency who reported the police officer went against his training and said – “I probably shouldn’t say this ….” before he uttered those 12 words that sparked the SlutWalk movement.

I for one, am glad he did say it. It goes to show that the culture that we live in where Australian Footballers can continue to have the caveman mentality on and off the field; Police, though trained differently, still subscribe to Victim Blaming; and Women (and some men) as we heard on Saturday at the Rally by one brave soul are still not safe walking the streets at 3 am, Well, it goes to show that the SlutWalk Movement is a necessity.

Cody Smith, a transman, spoke about his own experiences as a victim to sexual assault pre transition and since beginning his transition. In a quivering voice, with head bowed, and reading off a sheet, he bravely told his story. The guilt women feel about being seen to be too desirable, or too enticing, is still alive. The fear that we may unwittingly be targeted – not only because of what we wear, is something that rarely leaves our mind as we walk out the front door. It’s NOT about the clothes though, as the Counselor from Western CASA stated,  “The woman standing at the sink washing dishes in her tracksuit pants, or the child who was wearing flannelette  pj’s , did they ‘ask for it’ by wearing what they wore?”

The answer is simply NO! The victim blaming that continues to this day, in all cultures, must stop!

My favorite sign from the slut walk was

How to prevent a rape:

1 – Don’t rape!

It really is that simple folks …

To move straight from the high of the SlutWalk to a Flash mob at Southern Cross station with a bunch of people from The Australian Sex party, to highlight the need for equal marriage rights, I have to say it was a weekend that brought out the activist in me. People from the rally, raced up to the station to take part; the same people who moments earlier had been vocal now stood for 3 minutes – silent, still, embracing someone of the same sex, to signify the rights of the GLBTIQ community are still not being met. Here is where you can see some of the pictures of the flash mob!


Sunday I thought would be a bit quieter. I headed along to see some of the amazing short films at the St Kilda Short Film Festival. The draw cards for me where Sally’s Story and Hooked; two very different films, they were both documentaries and both revealing in their own ways.

Sally Goldner was born to be an activist. Over the past 12 or so years that I have known her, there is not an event that I can think of in the GLBTIQ community that she has not had a hand in. As the head of Trans Vic and on the board of the Zoe Belle Gender Centre she helps others who are taking steps on the road to transition. She has show on 3CR called Out of the Pan and the documentary shed light on her struggles in finding a relationship. It was after watching Sally’s story that a thought came to mind, that the more you open yourself to the possibilities of different loving practices, the more you close down the opportunities available. Being an ethical slut myself, I know how hard it is sometimes to find partners who are like minded.  If there is one thing this weekend has taught me, that the world is a better place for people like me as my child will not grow up with indifference.

Hooked pushed the boundaries of the audience. With every ooooh and ahhh I realised that what I do for a living and who I am inside, is unique. That I aim to test my limits, and follow the protocols that I have learned daily is something that have been lost to us; the rights of passage from boyhood to manhood, or girlhood to womanhood; things that my friends in the Trans community do to signify the end of the old and the beginning of the new, are not formalized in our society anymore. As one participant described it, he really just wanted to push his own boundaries see what he was made of. His journey of flight (via hooks placed in the skin and rope suspending him) is one that he does, for himself. For each person the journey is different.

I know that each day, I set myself tasks and upon completion of them, I feel rewarded with my accomplishments. Today, my task was to tell the story of my weekend – I hope you enjoyed.

I have one job in this life; that is to set my voice free.

In Kink,


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