Fetish Expo – what to expect!

Hey fellow Kinksters!FETISH-EXPOweb

I know you’ve been inundated with info about Oz Kink Fest for the last few weeks so here is a little insight about what to expect at the opening day event FETISH EXPO this Saturday.

Held at the amazing venue of the Fitzroy town hall, the historic building opens it Gothic arms to wrap you up in the atmosphere from the moment you set foot inside the large wooden doors.

To your right (For the directionally challenged its >>> that-a-way ) there is the main room, (^)straight ahead there is FOOD, coffee and some hall way traders and just so that you don’t think ‘is that all’ … I’m here to let you in on a secret… NO its not!

There is a hallway to the left (for the directionally challenged its << that-a-way!) and it leads to the READING ROOM which has MORE awesome artisans and traders, but don’t rush down there … there are hallway traders to see along the way including LaBouche Books and Selfies4Art to name but a few.

The people in the hallways are also information stalls such as Vic Leather, so please stop by and say hi to them, chat a while and find out more about our amazing eclectic community.

In the Main room during the day there will be shows of many varieties including shibari and fashion on the stage, as well as the 2nd Annual Australian Master Slave Contest that will be run and won!

If at any point you get lots, look for one of the CREW or VOLUNTEER swing tags around someones neck, grab them and ask questions, we are only to happy to help, and we don’t bite … hard!

There are things to buy, try, eat, flog, play, swing, bite, drink, and enjoy all day long, so when the doors open at 12 pm on Saturday, where are you going to be?


For more information go to http://www.ozkinkfest.com (beware voice over promo is activated when you enter the website and it’s LOUD!)
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