Oz Kink Fest: WorkShops – More BANG for your BUCK!

SO many amazing things happening in my world this month and next so I thought I’d do a blog post on each of them. First Up – the weekend workshop intensives as part of the OZ KINK FEST


Tickets: $205 pre sale only for the WORKSHOP WEEKEND

Oz Kink Fest VIP Pass $290
*Access to ALL events*

Members Oz Kink Fest VIP Pass $270
*Access to ALL events*


 OK so let’s break it down here…

6 workshops would usually cost you $20-$50 each, right? And that’s for the local presenters … what about we throw in a couple of international guests?


Recently workshops that have come to our shores from abroad have charge $300 for a weekend for one STREAM of knowledge in BDSM.

Well, at Oz Kink Fest, the amazing Mistress Malice has put together a series of workshops covering all different streams including impact play, wax play, needles, CBT, shibari. … the list goes on.

It will be held over a weekend, instead of spread out all over the place and at conflicting times. Its going to be on at an amazing venue, but wait there’s more… You also get a Stay and Play party on the Saturday night in a FULLY EQUIP dungeon space for only $205 TOTAL!!!

I mean really …. That’s a steal!

NOW, if you buy the OZ KINK FEST VIP PASS–  event pass gains you entry to all four major events in Oz Kink Fest Fetish Expo, Fetish Expo After Party, Hellfire Resurrection and the Weekend Workshop Intensives (Including the Stay and Play Party) check out the web site for details at only $290 or $270 if you’re a member of Kink Link.

So what are you waiting for – go get your tickets now before they all sell out

For those who don’t know what to do ….

  • Buy ticket at http://bit.ly/WJyr0g
  • Choose ONE workshop in EACH stream (if you are not able to get your first choice, well gosh darn it, you didn’t get onto it quick enough!)
  • Enjoy the workshops and play party!

    But be quick …

    Only 100 places available in the workshops!


Otonowa (Japan), PincessKali (USA) Tokyo (Sydney), Sado BJ, SurJack, Das Uber Dom, Pup Boss Jyan (Sydney), AngelAnne, Master Bella & Boy Paulus, Master Peter Au (Sydney), LadyCBTwhip-bmp (Sydney), Zoe Montanna, Riverbly, RednBlack, Master Steve C (NZ)


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