Pain, Pleasure and Plot lines

I’m back at the Last Frontier. After interviewing Jamin for the FOOTHILLS newspaper in April 2013, I’d set aside time with him to get a tattoo; we’d just connected and after the interview I went back to him to design the memorial tattoo for my Dad who passed away in November 2012. At that stage Jamin was booked out nearly 12 months in advance, so I had to wait… and wait I did. Then due to my own poor health I had to cancel, and so, I am finally at the Last Frontier. My purpose, to get a new tattoo of course… but is that really all?

Well I thought so …initially!

Front Window

Front Window of Shop – Image by D. Clarke’s Photography

You see, I’m an author; and I believe in researching for my writing; pain and pleasure are my focus in so many ways. I’m a author of BDSM erotica. Recently I started being drawn into a new genre of writing, crime fiction, and wondered how I would research it.  Its not like I could go and commit crimes now, could I? So, when it was time for me to come and get my tattoo, I had another good look around the establishment that Jamin and his brother Chris run, the inspiration ran thick and fast while I was sitting in the chair. Part of that was the pain processing. Part of that was the environs. Part of that was the way my mind works. So here is a combination of the three.

When you know you are going to be sitting in the chair for 4 hours, it takes alot out of you and you have to be mentally prepared, I guess the play that I engage in through BDSM might have given me a heads up on how to prepare and process the consistent pain that I would be going through for that time. I’ve been told I have masochistic tendencies. So I have my little ‘things’ that I do to help that along, like my toe wiggling (yes, it does help) and breathing, much under-rated but very helpful, but the biggest one for me is the story that happens inside my head. Its almost like the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland. I fall into another world, I slip down the rabbit hole and my mind is in another place while my body endures what it needs to. The Last Frontier is such an amazing space, so rich with history, that I love to just absorb the items that I see around me. While sitting in that state for four hours, I was more than able to!


Apothecary Cabinet image by D. Clarke’s Photography

Picture this: I am sitting across from an apothecary cabinet, filled with bottles of powders and potions, things float in jars of yellowish fluid, things that you would not normally see. A black and brass, Bausch and Lomb microscope sits with a huge spider on the slide; and the smell is like a mix of musty old books and formaldehyde. In my mind, I’m no longer in a tattoo chair. My moxie Mistress is coming to life…


Manolo Blahnik Ankle Boots


Dr. Eliza Dawes stands in her office in the basement, an imposing figure in her neatly tailored pinstripe suit, crisp white shirt and extraordinarily high heels that she chooses to wear; as the Chief Coronial Medical Examiner, she is on her feet for long hours, but the shoes are a comfort to her.

back cover

Moxie mistress



Eliza Dawes used to be known as Mistress Charlie and wore skyscraper PVC platform boots for her twelve hours shifts at the Domina’s Correctional Facility (D.C.F). To be able to pay her way through medical school, her passion; Dr. Eliza Charlotte Dawes, worked as a Dominatrix,  and so, found her pleasure through giving pain.




A page from the Journal



BACK to UPWEY: Jamin and I are chatting. I ask, does he know what all the powders are, and how to mix them up into potions. He tells me that he has journals that come to him, and says to reach behind me as there is one there. Amongst the tattoo books, and some loose papers, no doubt scribbles and drawings, is a tweed-cloth bound, leather cornered book. I pull it out and bring it past my nose, smelling the musty odour that since childhood made me feel ‘comfortable’. Again my mind drifts….

cabinet Elizas office

1900’s style cabinet

Eliza’s Office: A glass front 1900s style cabinet sits in the corner, with musty old first edition books in it. Medical books and books on  psychology, along with journals line the walls around it, but the books in this cabinet speak to ‘who she is’ the story of what she reads. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle feature heavily in those first editions that are locked up tightly. You see, our moxie Mistress/Chief Coronial Medical Examiner is also an avid fan of crime fiction!


BACK to TATTOO SHOP: As you can see from the pictures, I’m ‘away with the fairies’ there. I read for a while, the journal was amazing. The formulas, not like anything you would see in a pharmacy today. I chatted with my friend who came to sit with me, she got me coffee at one stage (it didn’t help!) I sat for the four hours, feeling like I was on the most amazing journey. If I didn’t know better I’d say I’d dropped an acid trip but, I hadn’t; I’ve been clean and sober for many years now. My only ‘drug’ is BDSM. My passion for pain/play is intense and overwhelming at times. This sit, for the tattoo, was one of the best most productive journeys I’ve been on in a long time; almost as good as a BDSM play session… almost.

The elements were all there… Pain, pleasure and that ‘je ne c’est quoi’ that makes a play go from function to fun! It’s an energy, that can’t be explained, a bubble that is created, and held, and fed during the scene. Jamin’s an excellent artist; what I don’t think even he realises is the amazing nature of the ‘bubble’ he creates for his clients. Thank you for the beginning of my special tattoo that has become now, so much more than what it started as!


Me in the chair with Jamin but really, I’m away with the fairies. Image by D.Clarke’s Photography


Watching – images by D.Clarke’s Photography


Drifting – images by D. Clarke’s Photography








More info on images D. Clarke's Photography

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