Erotica in the City

Hey people, just thought I’d drop you a line and let you all know what I’ve been up to.

I think the title says it all!!

On Thursday nights I’ve been seeing a sexy lady who makes me do wicked and evil things – all on between the covers ….of a book of course! WordPlay (aka MzKnickers) is a work-shopping space open to anyone interested in writing erotica. There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and we often laugh so hard at what we write that we end up leaving a lot lighter in spirit too.

Details: 7pm-8:30pm Thursdays     @ Piercing HQ 12b Hoddle St Abbotsford  RSVP: Here

Another workshop I attended was held at the Wheelers Centre in the CBD run by Van and Aimee of Little Raven Publishing A really comprehensive workshop on the nuts and bolts behind writing good erotica – and yes, we discussed ‘THAT’ book. There will be another workshop coming up later in the year combined with BanquetPress to celebrate the Dirty words during Oz Kink Fest in September. Look out for that one folks!

For more of my adventures of Erotica in the City – keep an eye on this site.

Definitely more to follow!


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Author of Erotica published through La Bouche Books dot com
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