Unexpected Pleasure …

I was out at one of my favourite nights in all of Melbourne last night, Pleasure Forum Australia (formerly Pleasure Salon Melbourne), slinking into a couch, ready to listen to the amazing authors of Little Raven Publishing and other independent erotica writers, when Cyndi asked me to fill in for someone who had not turned up. Of course I said YES!!

I’d forgotten how much I loved sharing my story with people, reading from my book, Catalyst: Stories of Awakening and hearing the feedback from people who love to read.

You see, an actor hears the audience respond immediately with applause, but the author just writes in a dark room, well… not always dark, alone, and waits for reviews.

and waits ….

and waits ….

If you have a heart, get along to one of the readings to hear an author. Little Raven runs a Spin the Bottle night, yes that’s right, the bottle spins and if it  lands on you then you read a piece. They take their ‘best bits’ and in conjunction with Hares and Hyenas run a night to raise funds for their eBook anthology that is coming out soon!

It is amazing to feel the love of our readers, if you are so inclined, maybe log onto Goodreads, or Amazon and leave a review. Why not let the author know your thoughts on what they have written? It doesn’t take much to stroke an authors ego 😉

Oh and to the young lady, Dottie, who won a copy of my book Catalyst in the door prize – enjoy!


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