Creeping Closer to the Catalyst …

Final revisions done!It is now in the hands of the publishers, Dare Empire eMedia.

Catalyst: Stories of Awakening coming soon. Still no release date people, but wanted to let you know that we are one step closer in the process of seeing the next N.Y.T bestseller (well if E.L James can do it … )

On that note too – who’s had a chance to read all three of the 50 shades books? I’m so close to finishing the second one, with out one single orgasmic moment!! I’m so disappointed! The best thing i can say about this trilogy is that it has opened a door, paved the way and made massive inroads into mainstream for the likes of me. On that note I thank the author for being the Stephanie Meyers of Erotica, and writing the fluffiest D/s novel I’ve ever seen, so that authors, like myself have more chance at attracting publishers.*Rant Over* Always interested to hear your thoughts ….

For more information on  the release date keep an eye out here- on Face Book, Twitter, FetLife or Good Reads – all under the name KL Joy!






About authorkljoy

Author of Erotica published through La Bouche Books dot com
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