Author Porn … as a Fetish?

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What’s your fetish, what gets your rocks off? For me it’s anything author related especially those who write about fetish, kink or leather. How did I find this out?

Well, now that is where this story begins ….

I have been fortunate to have a recent visitor to our shores from the US captive on many a car ride over the past week. From the moment we met and discovered we had mutual friends in the US, I have been fascinated by the stories that have been shared with me.

Let me share one with you…

My gorgeous friend Eve Minax, who almost 14 years ago changed my life with a book – The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy (though my copy has Janet’s nom de plume Catherine A Liszt). Eve continues to send me messages about people who are coming out to Oz and who to go see, as a result of one of those times my world shifted again this week!

You see, a couple years back Eve told me to go seethe amazing author of Urban Tantra Barbara Carrellas at the former Pleasure Salon Australia. I met Barbara, and gave her a message from Eve, which got the response “Get the Fuck out, you know EVE?!” in true New Yorker style! From that moment, we were bonded. Not through the fact that we are both authors, but through the fact that we have kinky author friends.

So when PhoenixB of Seattle, Washington told me (post play mind you) that Barbara is His sister… I almost came on the spot! They are family, in the sense of those that are bonded across the divide in a leather way. Its cellular, not blood or an accident of birth, it’s something that happens in the community when connections are strong. Phoenix has been around the Kink / Leather scene for so many years that the people’s stories I have merely read about; He’d been fortunate to be a part of them.

Over the past week, I don’t think Sir realised how much it affected me as He talked about His stories, mentioning other people who were there, and some of the authors that I have on my very special bookshelf in my office came up in amongst those conversations too!

On his last play night in Melbourne, the event was Klub Kunst, the last of the Oz Kink Fest parties and one of the more exclusive HARD CORE play parties in the Melbourne Scene. So much fun and play had happened and I was a soft little ball of fluffy joy snuggling up to Him. I was rather uncomfortable on the rack bench, but I was with Sir, so, it was not really an issue. I turned and made mention of the fact that it would be great to sit up there – shrugging over my shoulder to the saddle and horse; but HE didn’t see the saddle, or the horse. It was the lunging whip that drew His focus.

Um Oops!

Now let me say, I don’t like canes or crops, but I actually own one of these whips and quite enjoy the different aspects of what it can and has done on others I’ve used it on. I don’t ‘see’ it as a cane. Or a crop. So I was OK when He started across my thighs with it tap, tap, tapping it in a rhythmic way. In a gentle voice he leaned in and whispered,

“Lift your skirt.” tap, tap, tap..tapety tap.

I did. Tap, tap, tap…

“Do you like canes?” tap, tap

“Not really, Sir.” Tap tap… tap

“But I want to leave you with something to remember me by?” tap tap …

“I already have something” thinking of the beautiful scarification he had done on my ankle the night before and the aching in my cunt from having his fist up me only an hour earlier!

“Ahhh, but this is for me.” tap, tap, tap WHACK!

“Yes, Sir” tap, tap, tap …

“So, do you know who taught me to cane?” tap, tap, tap, tap…

“No, Sir” tap tap, tap…

“Dossie…” WHACK!

Well it was about that point that I nearly lost my ninth orgasm for the night! But it wasn’t over yet.

He decided to tell me in great detail the where and when those lessons were learned, I started to shake and shudder, the rhythm was unpatterned and I couldn’t hold onto my orgasm, I came, calling RED after what felt like about 30 minutes of ministrations, but I know it was a lot shorter than that.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I think He might have had an idea that ‘author porn’ was a fetish for this fetish author!

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KL Joy on Rainbow Book Review

Hey fans and kinksters!

I know its been a while since I dropped a line bout anything ‘book related’ so here are a couple of reviews to tide you over … and a little short story.

First off, Rainbow Book Reviews – thank you for your reviews of both

Catalyst: Stories of Awakening Awaken your Senses

Desire: Stories of LongingDesire_3d_500

Its great to hear positive feedback from someone who is a self confessed newcomer to the genre of BDSM erotica.

A new entry has gone up on 50 Shades to BDSM You can click through to it HERE if you’d like to read a little spanking story that I wrote a while back. I love the 1950’s household style of BDSM and this is my homage to that. Enjoy, La Cucina!

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What I’ve been up to lately…

As one of the people who has been contributing all season to this amazing fan based blog about all things True Blood, I’d like to share with those of you my writings so far.

As a huge fan of the TV show and Books by Charlain Harris I’m loving my time with and seeing a little more of the behind the scenes stuff.
I look forward to many more seasons/stories to come!

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Desire: Stories of Longing OUT NOW!

That’s right folks, the long awaited second book is out now.

For your copy head across to Storm Moon Press and click on the button corresponding to the book you want.

If you are new to my site and want to know more about me, there are a few places you can find free reads – again, at Storm Moon Press. A story called Subs Night Out  a prequel to my first book Catalyst: Stories of Awakening.

You can also go back in time on my blog here and have a read of a short piece I wrote. Or recap my blog tour through my posts on here!

I will also be reading a portion from it at Pleasure Forum on the 9th of July … the second Tuesday in July has never been so HOT!

Much Love and Kinkiness!

KL Joy

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Desire: Stories of Longing RELEASE Imminent!

Desire_3d_500Release Date 28th June 2013.

If you would like to pre-order your copy of Desire: Stories of Longing, the second book in the “Stories of… Series” you could save 20% before release date… with only 24 hours to go until its on the market, that means you’d better move fast!

Head on over to Storm Moon Press and click the pre-order button on the page… its as simple as that!

Don’t forget if you’re in Melbourne on the 9th of July, come warm your bones at Loop Bar and hear me read from Desire at Pleasure Forum Australia

Much Love and Kinkiness (to be read between the pages)


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TRUE BLOOD Season 6 Who is a fan?

With all that’s been going on to keep me busy,  I couldn’t resist the temptation to dig a little deeper into the world 527319_325959770801097_1670542274_nbehind my favourite show True Blood on HBO. So I put my hand up to be one of the bloggers over at

What a wonderful crew of people over there, writing and blogging about Season 6, just wanted to share for those interested… Go and have alook, leave a comment or even, share on SOCIAL MEDIA for us ;)


KL Joy

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Blog Tour – Eve Minax

Thank you to the lovely Eve Minax for hosting me on the last stop on my blog tour. What a busy week its been!

Are you ready for this last instalment? Its a big one!

I’m pleased to share with you my Nine rules on Negotiating a Scene over at

Hope you all enjoy this last stop!

Stay tuned for for the release of Desire: Stories of Longing over at Storm Moon Press coming soon!

Much Love and Kinkiness

KL Joy

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